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Mostly Monkeys is a non-profit sanctuary located in San Diego County. The sanctuary provides long-term care for a variety of exotic animals. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of life for the animals in our care.

Mostly Monkey
Mostly MonkeysMostly Monkeys

kinkajou, birds, a badger, foxes, monkeys, and even a mountain lion. There's something for everyone.

Mostly Monkeys

Mostly Monkeys Mostly Monkeys

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Mostly Monkeys

Call or email Jim at or 619/933/5884 Mostly Monkeys

Tours are appointment only. The cost is $20 for adults & $10 for children. Group rates are available, please contact Jim Keough for details. Additional donations are greatly appreciated. Payment is by cash and check only.

Mostly Monkeys was founded in 1989

by Suzy Carey as a non-profit sanctuary for wild and exotic animals. Located in San Diego County, the sanctuary provides high quality, long term care for a variety of exotic animals species including New and Old World monkeys, North American carnivores, and a variety of reptiles and birds.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of life for the animals in our care by creating an environment conducive to species appropriate behavior and to promote public awareness of the plight of our animals.

Mostly Monkeys is funded from charitable grants and donations of organizations and individuals.

Mostly Monkeys

About the Founder

Suzy Carey is a graduate of Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management program. She then worked as a trainer for an animal talent agency where she first became aware of the plight of pet monkeys. She has worked professionally with exotic animals since 1980 and currently works as a zoo keeper to help support the sanctuary.

Meet our friends.

Mostly Monkeys

Little Man - Mountain Lion

Little Man came from Arkansas as a cub. He's friendly for a large cat. One of his biggest pals is a dog that plays with him outside of his enclosure. His favorite pastimes are stalking chickens, visitors and volunteers. He also is hugely entertained by the monkeys that surround him as well as the horses next door.

Mavis - Badger

She's pretty typical for a badger - a big attitude and a bit grumpy sometimes. Every once in awhile she purrs because she wants to be petted. She loves excavating around her enclosure and taking dirt baths. In the winter she pulls out all the stops when her winter coat comes in and makes her look twice as big. Mavis was diabetic and had to have insulin shots every day for several months until her diabetes was controlled by diet.

Mako - Fennec Fox

Mako is a friendly little fox. He loves to be petted and will mush himself up against the sides of his cage so that he can be scratched and groomed. If you start petting him he'll lay there all day letting you pet him. He really doesn't like dogs but, loves his stuffed Elmo chair which, he uses as a bed.

Ray - Grey Fox

Ray was found in the wild and was sick with a disease - distemper. He was cared for by Project Wildlife until it was determined that he could not be released into the wild as his disease made him blind. He came to Mostly Monkeys to live out the rest of his life in a peaceful and serene environment. He uses his great sense of smell to sniff out his food in his enclosure

Lumber Jack - Oppossum

Lumber Jack is a Virginia Oppossum and is our teddy bear with vampire teeth. He likes to roll up in his blanket to sleep even when it's sweltering hot but, he has spray misters to keep him cool - talk about classy. He's always ready to eat and will eat anything! He was placed with us through Project Wildlife. He was not able to be released because he was blind in one eye.

Russell - Spider Monkey

Russell was confiscated from a pet home at the tender age of one. He is very active and loves running around and destroying everything in his enclosure. He also loves soap boxes after the soap has been removed. He loves the scent - maybe he likes smelling good for the ladies? He also has a large tortoise friend that lives next door. He likes to strike up conversations with her and pet her as she lazily wanders around her enclosure.

Junior - Capuchin

Junior came to us on Christmas Day in 2008. His owners in Arizona wanted him to be with other monkeys, so he got the perfect present. He is very excitable and loves human attention and interaction. He loves playing with his friend Peanuts next door and dunking all of his toys into his water bucket.

Peanuts - Capuchin

Peanuts lived as a pet in Los Angeles for 20 years until his owner was forced to move. He loves blankets and covers his head when the water in his bucket is changed. He also has a special volunteer friend that is teaching him how to draw and play catch - what a cultured monkey.

Jody - Capuchin

Jody came to Mostly Monkeys in 1994 at the age of 20 when a small zoo in National City, California closed. He is an avid greeter and runs to meet visitors with his happy monkey squeals when they walk by. He is known to put his arms out to have his great monkey arm muscles admired. He is also a singer and will sing along with you if you sing him a song. He is the oldest monkey at Mostly Monkeys and is a little camera shy.

Erin - Squirrel Monkey

Erin comes to us from San Francisco, California. She was a pet in an apartment. Her owner decided that she belonged outside and brought her to Mostly Monkeys to be surrounded by her kin. She loves to roll around on her back while being scratched.

The Troupe - Owl Monkeys

Louie, Dudley, Uncle, Mango, Nick, Nell & Brando are all a band of monkeys that were retired from a research facility in Hawaii where they helped to work on vaccines for malaria. They are the only nocturnal monkeys at Mostly Monkeys. They are mostly active at night and they love to hunt spiders and other bugs in their enclosure.

Kiki - Bush Baby

Kiki a Prosimian or primitive monkey is mostly active at night. She sleeps under a blanket or in a hammock during the day. She lives next door to the owl monkeys so that they can party at night together.

Cyrano - Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot

Cyrano was bought as a pet in the 70's. He was passed around to different homes because he was too loud. A lot of parrot owners don't realize they are actually encouraging their parrots to scream by feeding or yelling at them to make them be quiet. Cyrano loves living outside near the other birds.

Buddy - Green Cheeked Amazon Parrot

Buddy was a wild parrot that fell out of her nest in Point Loma, California as a chick. She had to be hand raised and therefore could not be released back into the wild. She came to Mostly Monkeys with a another parrot - Denny a male Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot.

Lenore & Emmett - Eclectus Parrots

These are fantastic and beloved parrots. They are probably some of the most color characters in the sanctuary.

Mariam & David

These two are spider monkeys. David was found roaming loose in Rancho Bernardo. He escaped from his owner who also had Mariam at home. Their owner did not have a permit and so had to give them up. They are fun to watch as they hang and swing by their tails.

Betty & Barney - Raccoons

Barney & Betty Rubble came to Mostly Monkeys from Project Wildlife as non-releasable. Betty was blind due to severe injuries and Barney was kept as a pet and too tame to survive in the wild. They are provided with lots of toys and pools to play in and to keep busy. They especially love "killing" stuffed animals and pulling the squeakers out first.

Monkey Boy - Spider Monkey

Monkey Boy was stolen from his parents who were probably killed in the wild in Mexico. He was rescued by a family that kept him like a human child. He was never in a cage and never alone until they found out it was illegal and brought him to Mostly Monkeys at 2 years of age. He has a special smile and particularly loves men (wink).

Jason - Spider Monkey

Jason was a pet in Oakland, California. His owners moved to Hawaii in 2000 and could not take him with them. He loves to cover up with a blankie in his den box and loves to be groomed.

The Macaques

Toby, Cecil, Dallas, Simon & Oscar are all Macaques. They all came from a laboratory that retired them to live the rest of their lives in sanctuary after their contribution to science.

Mogli & Capuchi - Capuchin

Mogli & Capuchi are besties. Capuchi was bought in 1987 in Texas from someone that used her for educational entertainment. These two monkeys were the first monkeys at the sanctuary when it started in the 80's. They love to take baby powder & onion baths - go figure. They have lived together for years and continue to do so at Mostly Monkeys.

Bobbi & Jade - Capuchin

Bobbi came from the Los Angeles Zoo. She was rejected by her mom at birth. However, she's found a home at Mostly Monkeys. She's a very sweet and timid little monkey. Jade came to Mostly Monkeys in 2007. Her first owner had all her teeth removed. She now has breathing problems because her jaw and nasal area are misshapen due to her teeth being pulled. Even through all of this she keeps up a strong front and is very cute when she tries to be aggressive with no teeth.

Papa Bear - Kinkajou

Also called honey bear, he is the South American relative of the raccoon. The prehensile tail helps him travel through the rain forest. Being nocturnal, he occupies the same niche in the forest that the capuchin monkey fills during the day. He has a very long tongue that would help him feed on nectar from flowers.

Help us feed the hungry.

Mostly Monkeys relies entirely upon the charitable contributions of both our individual and corporate sponsors to provide the highest quality of life for the animals in our care.

Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to the monkeys for food, medicine, and enrichment. Please help give these monkeys a happy and secure future. You can contribute in several ways


You can make a payment through a secure gateway at Paypal with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


You can send in a payment the old-fashioned way - regular mail. Below is our address. Please sure to include a note with your name and address so we may send you a thank you!

Mostly Monkeys Sanctuary
P.O. Box 448
Ramona, CA 92065


Mostly Monkeys
  • Green shade cloth
  • Stepping stones (pavers)
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Garden arts
  • Laptop computer
  • Digital camera
  • Parakeet seed
  • Fax machine
  • Raisins
  • Welded wire 1/2”X3?/li>
  • Corrugated metal roofing
  • Vinyl fencing
  • Cement
  • Rakes
  • Plywood
  • Shovels
  • Industrial refrigerator
  • Corrugated metal roofing panels
  • Help with vet bills
  • Garden hoses
  • Decomposed granite
  • Dry or canned dog food

Mostly Monkeys Sanctuary / P.O. Box 448 / Ramona, CA 92065 / (760) 788-6940 /
Non-profit tax ID # 33-0737327

© 2010 Mostly Monkeys Incorporated, All Rights Reserved

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